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In a continuation of my paid survey site review series, the next website that I reviewed was

A large site, CashCrate boasts over 4 million active members, with millions of dollars in payouts. While I tend to be very skeptical about such claims, the site does have an interesting “payout wall”, which showcases recent payments to members. I browsed through the list and found hundreds and hundreds of $30-$50 payouts, and even saw some as high as $500+! Like you, the thought of another online survey site had me excited, so I decided to give this site a trial run as well.

How does it work?

Just like most other sites, the sign up process at CashCrate was pretty straight forward. I first filled out the standard information form with my name, email, password, and address. Afterwards, I got a typical confirmation email and was brought back to the site where I completed a quick profile survey.

Upon completing the signup survey, I noticed that I only received a $1 signup bonus on my account. While I didn’t see any ads claiming that I would get more, it’s pretty standard to get something like $5 (or so) for joining the site, so I was a little disappointed at this point, but decided to see if the site “made up for this” in other ways and continued on with my demo.

My next step was to review the various ways to make money on CashCrate. Similar to other reviews, I’ll walk through each one step by step.

CashCrate Daily Offers and Bonus Offers

First up, I wanted to check out the daily offers on the main page. While most other sites require you to make purchases or payments in order to make any type of real money, I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of free signup offers that didn’t require me to input any credit card or other personal information. Most of these took just a couple of seconds to signup, and payment was instantly credited to my account. Filling out just a few of them brought me up to the $5 level in no time, which made up for the lack of a sign-up bonus.

In addition to the free offers, there were of course multiple paid offers (called Bonus Offers) that generated a minimum of $1.50 and up.

CashCrate Surveys

Next, I took some time to check out the survey section of the CashCrate website, and this is where the site really started to shine. Offering much more “distinguished” surveys than some other sites, the surveys were quite elaborate and provided much higher payouts than I have become accustomed to. (Most surveys were several dollars instead of the typical $0.25 – $0.50 payments elsewhere.) CashCrate does use an external vendor to offer their surveys, but given the high payouts, I saw no issues with this whatsoever.

As always, make sure you are providing top quality/truthful answers to all surveys. CashCrate provided very accurate surveys for my demographic profile, and I found that I didn’t get rejected mid-survey a single time. So, in addition to great payouts, I wasn’t wasting my time on a survey only to get rejected and get no payout at all. To make matters even easier, CashCrate even has a “top surveys” link on their site, so each day I log in, I take a few minutes just to glance through the best paying offers and can “cherry pick” the surveys I want to complete.

CashCrate Referral Program

By the time I started reviewing the referral portion of the site, I was already pretty impressed at the massive payouts for the surveys, but when I finished reading the details, I was sold hook-line-and-sinker. To put it frankly, the CashCrate referral program is nuts. For starters, any referral that you make to the site generates you $3 of cash once they reach the $10 level of earnings.

In addition, you will get 20% of your referrals lifetime earnings, AND 10% of any earnings that THEIR referrals generate. As someone who makes a living on affiliate earnings, I can attest to the fact that two-tiered referrals are the bread and butter of online earnings.

On top of this ridiculous referral incentive, CashCrate goes on to explain that as you reach the upper levels of their referral program, that your earnings can go as high as 30% on all of your referrals and 20% on their referrals, for a MASSIVE 50% earnings potential. There is simply no way to elaborate how insane those payments can become!

Other CashCrate Programs

At this point, I don’t even know why I bothered continuing to look at the rest of the site. I was hooked, but I wanted to do my due diligence and point out the other great ways to earn on CashCrate.

  1. Online Shopping
    • Similar to most other sites, shopping through CashCrate is a great way to earn rebates and cash back on your everyday purchases. I’ve found the best way to maximize your earnings potential is to check a couple different sites (like Swagbucks) and weigh them against each other to see which has the best rewards for the product you are looking you buy.
  2. CashCrate Games
    • Playing games requires a fair amount of skill (and luck) to earn cash, but I can definitely see how someone who is good at arcade or skill games could really earn some nice payouts here. The games are pretty standard, so if you’ve had luck on other sites give your skill a test on CashCrate and earn some additional money in your free time.
  3. CashCrate Contests
    • I never pay much attention to online contests, as I am inherently unlucky, but this is a great way to earn some unbelievable rewards if you want to exchange your earnings for a shot at the big prizes. If you are feeling lucky, give the contests a shot and you could walk away with some pretty unbelievable rewards.
Final Take

I’ve previously said that SwagBucks is my favorite site for earning money browsing and taking surveys, but CashCrate is at a minimum tied for a share of the lead! As with any site, your effort level, consistency, and willingness to refer family and friends will determine the results you will earn. If you remain a consistent member and continue to complete the daily offers and surveys, you’ll be cashing out in no time. (Minimum payout, by the way, is only $20!) Without a single doubt, I’m happy to fully endorse CashCrate and recommend that all readers sign up quickly, as I don’t see how CashCrate can possibly continue offer such high rewards to new members.

Check out the site and let me know what you think in the comments section. As always, I’m here to offer any help I can provide. Good luck!!


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