Don’t Quit!

How many times have you started a project and never followed through to to finish it? How much time have you spent thinking about your next “million dollar idea” just to talk yourself out of finishing it?

We’ve all been there. From simple procrastination to a lack of resolve, fear sets in and we back down from the challenge of a great idea. So how do we stop ourselves from giving in to our self-doubt? First, we need to understand the real root of our inaction. Then, we need to squash it.


Procrastination is a killer of your precious time and is responsible for many projects, tasks, jobs and ideas being binned before they get off the ground. There may be a lot of preparation work done involving research etc. However, if there is no end product, this is wasted time. Instead of just doing something, however small or insignificant it may seem, to complete a task, we tend to keep putting it off by wasting time on other matters. Successful people are never bothered by procrastination. They keep on going until a task is finished. The ultimate outcome is not as important as the completion of the job in hand. The finished product may be brilliant or it may be rubbish, but as least you will know as long as you don’t quit and finish what you started.

In order to overcome procrastination, split the task at hand into manageable mini-tasks. Break down a larger, insurmountable job into the sum of it’s parts. For example, a new blogger may not know whether to grow a Facebook fan base, write content on a website, or reach out to his community. Instead of looking at the building of a entire brand, start small. Start a Facebook page, and write a post a day. Write a blog another day and take your time developing your brand. Take time to ENJOY what you’re doing, and the rest will come naturally. Over time, these actions will become habits, and habits good habits breed success!


Doubt is another common reason people give up before a task is finished. We all have to overcome setbacks in whatever we do, however large or small they may be. We are normally full of enthusiasm and energy whenever we start a project and are determined to see it through to the end. As we encounter obstacles, our belief is tested and our enthusiasm gradually erodes until we convince ourselves that we should give up. Successful people again regard obstacles as a challenge and do what is required to overcome them. They have a strong belief that if the idea was a good one at the beginning, then it is still good now.

So, how do you overcome self doubt when you’re back is against the wall? Rather than quitting when problems arise, learn to adapt and do what you can to solve these problems. Who knows, you may even discover a better way than originally thought, or develop an even greater product than you envisioned. Some of the greatest inventions in the World were the results of accidents. Don’t run from a challenge, embarce it and come out the other end better than you started.

Be Realistic

Still others quit simply because they are seeking perfection and get frustrated and disheartened when their efforts are not perfect. Just because your blog or your product isn’t flawless doesn’t mean it won’t add value to your customers.

So sit down and do something. It doesn’t need to be perfect, and it’s ok if you’re scared. Put in the time and effort now, and reap the rewards later. It won’t be easy, but it will certainly be worth it in the end.


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