Google Penguin Update

On April 24th 2012, Google applied an update to their search engine rankings, code named "Penguin". Using what are known as algorithms, Google's many complex mathematical models determine the ranking of webpages within their search results. A highly kept secret, Google does not publicly disclose which factors can help a website, and those which can

Niche Keyword Selection – Step #2

Now that we’ve got our mind-maps set up, it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff by selecting niche keywords. While it’s true that money can be made in virtually any niche, choosing the right balance between competition and income potential will improve our odds for success. Selecting a careful balance of risk vs.

5 Steps To A Money Making Blog – Step #1

In an effort to provide full transparency for the Two Week Notice Project, this new blog series will identify each and every step needed to establish a new website (more on content & niche selection later). When I first started registering domain names and establishing niche websites, I bought a complete HTML programming guide and

The TWN Project is Born

Welcome to the Two Week Notice Project! The date is February 15th, 2012, and today we start our journey to financial freedom... First and foremost, I want to discuss the two main goals of this blog (details can be found on the About page). While you could probably classify this website as a "make money online"