Welcome to The Two Week Notice resources page, which offers a comprehensive list of tools and websites that I personally recommend for building websites, making money online, and growing your brand. I have used or tested every product on this page, and personally stand behind each and every one of them. These resources are critical to my personal brand and the way I earn a living.

As a disclaimer, it should be noted that some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you sign-up / download / purchase this content, I earn a commission from the sale. The commission does not cost you any additional money, but is a way for you to support this site and my brand. If you’ve found my content useful, please consider showing your support by using one of these links.

Website Hosting

All of my websites are hosted by either Bluehost or Max Bounty. Both hosting sites offer quick setups and award winning customer service. Their “one click” WordPress installation makes it incredibly easy to get a new site up and running fast. Best of all, you can host multiple domains on a single hosting account, so you’ll never need multiple hosting accounts to pay for your sites, regardless of how many different domains you have!

If you have ever used (or currently use) GoDaddy, I cannot possibly over-recommend switching to a new provider ASAP. I used GoDaddy for YEARS because I didn’t know any better, and let me tell you that switching was the best decision I ever made… even better than switching from Spectrum to DirecTV for cable!!

Paid Survey and Search Sites

You can read all of my individual reviews for various paid survey and search sites, but I strongly recommend all of these if you are looking to make some extra pocket money in your spare time and/or don’t have the interest or desire to start your own blog or website. Each of these requires no startup cost, just an email address.