5 Steps To A Money Making Blog – Step #1

In an effort to provide full transparency for the Two Week Notice Project, this new blog series will identify each and every step needed to establish a new website (more on content & niche selection later). When I first started registering domain names and establishing niche websites, I bought a complete HTML programming guide and programmed the entire website by hand… boy was that a mistake! Not only did I lose interest in the site, but it completely turned me off to the idea of earning online income whatsoever!

After months of researching, examining alternate programming methods, outsourcing design work, and spending countless dollars on failed projects, I’m here to show you what works. After all, do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars troubleshooting your website or do you want me to show you a few shortcuts that in the end will make your site better, faster, and rank higher in Google!? So, without further ado…

Step #1 – Mind Mapping

Now, if you have any experience in making money online (or perhaps even if you don’t), the first question you are likely to ask is “How do I turn something I am passionate about into an income source?”

While the whole “if you build it they will come” mentallity is utter nonsense when it comes to the wonderful world wide web, I will show you in our next few studies that there is money to be made in virtually any market. If you select a topic you lack enthusiasm for, the bottom line is you’re not going to spend your free time writing about it… and if you don’t write about it, no one is going to visit your site… (I think you see where I’m going with this!)

Note: This is where the “guru’s” tell you to buy their product and they will show you everything they know. They will unlock the mysteries of the universe and send dancing unicorns to your front porch. (Utter nonsense! <– OK, I’ll be nice…)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get it. You’re bored at your current job. You can’t wait to hand over that two week notice and walk out with your head high knowing that your future is in your hands. Who wants to start slow?! This is where you need to trust me because I’m not selling you anything. Patience in the first few steps will yield rewards far outnumbering all of the failed ideas laid to rest without proper planning.

How To Build A MindMap

To start determining what you are passionate about, grab a piece of paper or download FreeMind (highly recommended – and FREE). At the very heart of your mindmap, I want you to draw four circles – love, fear, passion, and talent. These three central hubs will be the basis for everything that we will accomplish together, so take your time here. From each of these central hubs, branch off topics that fit that category. From here, branch off again into “sub-topics”, commonly called “niches” in the online community. This is the bread and butter of our work. Take a look at my mindmap here, and you’ll probably get a pretty good feel for some other “niches” I already have websites in…

How Will My Passion For Pinatas Make Me $?

OK, so this wouldn’t exactly be my niche of choice, but in the next few discussions we will look into monetization ideas for your topics. So, tell me, what niche ideas does your mindmap show that you never expected?


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